Monday, May 18, 2009

A Wall is Not the End

We have come to an impasse, you and I.
An unpreventable obstacle that threatens our lives.
A wall of bricks, stone, and paint,
Obviously the end, our love could never survive.

On the brick wall, a sign, on paper,
"You can go no further, give up, this is the end."
You believe it, and agree somehow,
No other alternative, nothing else to comprehend.

But there are choices, but you don't ask for help,
You see the easiest solutions, just look around,
If I have to, I will lift you above the wall,
If I need to, I will dig under the ground.

Just because it is the obvious end,
Does not mean it is the only way out.
For if you let me, take my hand,
And I will lead you, removing all doubt.

And when the next wall appears,
Just close your eyes and feel my heart,
Alone we will fail, give up, hit the wall,
With faith and love, we will never be apart.

Jaysen Towers

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