Sunday, June 7, 2009

Broken, But Healing

For Christy M.

Broken, but Healing

I am broken, but I am healing.
Lost, but searching.
Alone, but hoping.
In pain, but no longer hurting.

I am weak, but growing stronger.
In darkness, but reaching for light.
Crying, but with no more tears.
Beaten, but still ready to fight.

I am torn, but I no longer notice.
Confused, but I am dealing.
Unloved by one, but loved by another.
I am broken, but I am healing.
Jaysen Towers

Christy, you will make it through this. Although the road is dark, you are stronger than you realize. And you have friends around you to help, reach out to us when you are lost, lean on us when you are tired, and count on us when you need strength. As your friends we will never leave you, for we all share a bond that started in the most unlikely place, and will continue as we heal.

"The beginning is scary, the end is painful. It's the middle that counts."
Hope Floats

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