Monday, October 12, 2009


In the pit of hopelessness,
In the darkness of absolution,
I sat willingly and abandoned,
Frustrated without a solution.

In the distance a light illuminated,
Shielding my eyes, I waited.
Hoping against insanity,
It wasn't something I created.

Then across my wounded soul,
Your embrace spread the warmth.
With just a touch and a whisper,
You protected me from the storm.

I don't know why you did it,
Or even from where you came.
In my cold and wounded heart,
You reignited the flame.

You showed me a love that was faithful,
A passion that was unmistakable.
A longing and peaceful bond,
That would forever be unbreakable.

How to repay you, I will never know.
But to thank you I will find a way.
For I have been born again in your love,
And your arms I will always stay.

I love you.

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