Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Reflection

Don't look at me with those damning eyes,
You know where I've been, you know the lies.
My hatred for you grows by the day,
I can't forget, no matter what you say.

You're more like me, more than you know,
A worthless life, a rotting soul.
I'm abandoned by God, left to die,
Can't dig myself from this hole no matter how I try.

Insane, can't stop the voices in my head,
Void of love, just like you said.
The choices I've made created this hell,
Purposeless I walk, maybe just as well.

You have no right to judge my life,
You've been walking by my fucking side.
Guilty as I, cast the first stone,
With or without you, I'm destined to be alone.

Don't show me the light, too long I've been blind,
No more preaching, God has left my side.
I hate you, the way you are
I hate me, can't turn back, gone to far.

There is no hope for a fate like mine,
I'll embrace the trip, ignore the signs.
Downward we walk, steep the hills,
The reflection of you, is me, it feels.

Welcome to the world of abomination,
The abyss I've produced, the good I've shunned.
Don't try to stop me, I've chosen my path,
You are to weak to resist the wrath.

Death will come with welcome arms,
My pain intense, no more can you harm.
My broken frame, the weight to much,
Numb to love, nothing to touch.

You will die with me.
Beside me.
You are me.

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