Monday, June 29, 2009


With unseeing eyes,
And a hollow heart,
Reaching with empty arms,
I fight against the dark.
Broken pieces of my life,
Unbroken missing for a new start.

Daylight far away from life,
The only sound is rain,
Wanting to feel anything else
Than the feel of the broken pain.
A faded haze of unbroken hope,
Is all my mind contains.

Memories haunt like shadows,
Bringing with them weight,
Confusing real with broken,
Hard to keep this straight.
Looking forward with weakness,
Wondering what unbroken awaits.

Alone is a curse of the unblessed,
Forgiveness helps nothing.
Love is a waste of confession,
Pain is what it brings.
Unless real and unconditional,
Broken it will remain.

Unbroken is a myth of the dreamers,
A fancy from fiction and illusion,
Living through the lie of love,
Is the only way to reach the conclusion,
That bringing it into you life,
Will control nothing but the delusion.

Jaysen Towers

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