Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Other Half of My Heart

My heart, broken in two,
Pieces floating in darkness.
One, repairing itself with doubt,
The other, withered and distressed.

What if the heart that is growing,
Can't sustain the life within,
Even if the half is recovering,
Will it be enough breathe again.

Can it find the rhythm of life,
The beat and the rhyme,
Can it understand the purpose,
Of the new path that comes with time.

However, the other half of my heart
Is fighting with reason as it dies,
Wanting to forgive and forget,
But destroyed by deceit and lies.

Peace is foreign to this half,
It struggles in waves of torture.
Constantly beaten to save another,
Wanting to dwindle in nothing but closure.

One side beats with hope anew,
The other dies because of injustice,
One lives with a beat of a new life,
The other withers in cowardice.

My heart, broken in two,
Will always remain apart.
Perhaps one piece can love again,
But not the other half of my heart.

Jaysen Towers

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